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Jeevan Mukti Vrata, 5th July'10 at Nithyananda Vedic Temple , Redmond

Popularly known as ‘Guru Mudi’ the Jeevan Mukti Vrata (i.e. translated into Practising Living Enlightenment) is a set of simple techniques that taken up voluntarily and followed for 21 days. These austerities purify one's energy at all levels and prepares one to meet with an Enlightened Master's energy.

The Jeevan Mukti Vrata began on 5th July 2010 at the Nithyananda Vedic Temple, Redmond. A group of Swamiji's disciple chose to observe the auterities for the coming 21 days and experience and live the truths of Living Enlightenment. The Jeevan Mukti Vrata ends on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima on 25th July 2010. On this day a coconut and fistful of rice tied in a cloth, symbolically representing one's the Ego and Karma will be offered at the Master's feet. To mark the start of the Vrata the group practiced Nithya Dhyaan,performed Guru Puja, made the Sankalpam( intention) and tied the Kankanam ( turmeric dipped string ).

Following are some of the pictures taken on this auspicious start to the Jeevan Mukti Vrata.


Guru Puja being performed





Poorna Moola Mantra being chanted






Taking blessings from Guru Moorthy