annam bahu kurvita annam na nindayāt tat vratam ||

Let us create and share food. Let all hungry stomachs be fulfilled with food. Let us not waste food. No place you can drop food where there is no hunger (either outside or inside). That is being authentic with food.   ~ Taittriya Upanisad


Promote non-violent, vegetarian, organic food based life-style, and spread peace, love, harmony & bliss


Provide free food distribution to all but not limited to economically weaker sections, and those in need, especially during times of natural disasters, disaster relief, pandemic and extreme weather conditions.


Foster and support a super conscious breakthrough through the promotion, protection, and teaching of saatvik lifestyle and non-violent, organic, plant-based food.

What do we do?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we were offering free organic, non-violent, healthy food to anyone who visits our campus. Currently, we organize food drives to support the local community and those who are in need. During the pandemic, we have continued our service by donating more than 5000 pounds of organic, non-violent, plant-based food. We spread the right knowledge and help people adapt to the satvik food–based lifestyle per the Agamas, which will help spread love, peace, and harmony, but also help them achieve super-conscious breakthrough

We serve all of humanity irrespective of their faith, belief, color, religion, caste, gender. All our events/sessions are provided completely free of cost with the sole purpose of empowering humanity by awakening their consciousness



Nirahara Samyama means exploring and discovering our body’s possibilities without having any external input like food or water.

The purpose of the Samyama is to awaken our own natural intelligence of making food out of natural resources like sun rays, air and the praana which is directly available to us from the space. Swamiji says if a fish can swim, we can swim. If a bird can fly, we can fly. If plants can make food directly from the air and sun rays, our body can also do that. Every extraordinary capability and possibility are inside our bio memory.


Bhagashastra, the Hindu cookbook – takes an all-rounded approach and addresses every aspect of cooking – properties of ingredients, their impact on our health, size and shape of utensils, mind-set of cooks and 400+ recipes of traditional Hindu delicacies. 

Bhaga Shastra is in every way a book on the science of cooking and kitchen management! No aspect of food is ignored in this great text – From safe food storage, to how each item is to be cooked and consumed, the hands which cook the food, the doshas that are associated with contaminated food, etc.


Are you experiencing incompletion with food? Is the food you eat helping you achieve your goals or is it making you lazy? Are you affected by any food allergies?

Learn the science of completion with food which will give you the right knowledge about food and how food related patterns affect our day to day life. 

Request for a FREE session with one of our Aacharyas, and we will get in touch with you shortly!


Why Vegetarianism?


Food is vital in Vedic lifestyle for growing the human consciousness.

Nithyananda Annalaya cooks high-energy satvik, organic, non-violent food as per Hindu Bhaga Shastra. Organic food is cooked as ‘Mahaprasad’ (food for the Divine) with Vedic chants and first energized and offered to the Divine as Naivedhya.

Nithyananda Annalaya serves FREE FOOD (Anna Dhan) to one and all since its inception.

Offering Food to the Divine

As part of practicing the presence of God in life, offering food to the Living Deity as ‘Naivedhyam’ is done as a sacred worship ritual on daily basis and during the Vedic festivals. Once offered to the Divine, this pure “nectarine food” is partaken by the devotees and shared with all as ‘Mahaprasad’.

Nutritious Free Meals Served to Thousands

Sattvik nutritious vegetarian meals served regularly to hundreds of people during Hindu festivals as an offering to Divine. On special festivals, over 108 items of food is prepared and served to everyone.

  • 17,000+ meals served in 2020 
  • 100,000+ meals served since inception
  • Educating everyone on the iportance of non-violent, organic food (pesticide-free food).
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